Thailand was …. new flavours and new ways with food. Thailand was one kilogram of prawns cooked 3 different ways in 20 minutes, it was delicious soups and pad thai and som tam.

Bangkok was chicken cooked in barrels, fried crispy eggs with complete meals, an unbelievable variety of street food.  Bangkok was the Art and Culture centre, ancient ruins in Ayyuthaya, massive weekend market, temples and malls.

Krabi was beautiful beach and rainforests, refreshing drinks made from flowers, pretty sunsets and interestingly cut pineapple. Krabi was wonderful Thai oil massages.

Chiang Mai was tiger kingdom, pretty tiny tucked away street full of art shops and gorgeous furnishings inspired by the Hill Tribes. Chiang Mai was bamboo rafting, ticklish foot fish spa, night markets, live music, Bua Tong sticky waterfalls.

They call the coconut grater “rabbit”, we call it “goat” (mbuzi).


Thailand was sweet small portion desserts of coconut, banana, beans, even specks of gold.



Thailand was floating markets.



Kanchanaburi and River Kwai was gorgeous. Beautiful railway line, high fashion, monkeys on the roof of the cottage at night. The Hell Fire Pass was sad but beautiful .


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