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My name is Sandi, a Nairobian. Baking, food styling and photography are my creative outlets. And so I started a blog.



I bake bread, cakes, cookies, and pies. The recipes on the blog are simple and generally not expensive to make. Considering how randomly I decide to bake, it’s usually with stuff I already have in the kitchen.


How randomly

I’ll bake whenever: after work, on the weekend, and sometimes even during my one hour lunch break. But, taking pictures requires more planning so I don’t post consistently.


Why Cooking on Canvas

My friend Crispy came up with the name. It was born of the idea that cooking is a creative activity (for those of us who don’t draw or paint).

So, my blank canvas and paints are the ingredients and from scratch we combine them and create delicious desserts.

plated pineapple coconut cake

By the way …
Books, food chemistry, travel, and beautiful interiors are some of my mind’s happy places. So they may make an appearance every once in a while.



Karibu! ? 





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  1. Rose Ngina Ndururi says:

    My daughter will be hooked on this Sandi!! Why I’m I finding about this now???? Super excited! Looking forward to trying out the recipes ??

    1. Yay ? They really are easy recipes. You’ll enjoy doing this together

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey, The little Dante is turning into quite a baker. We will be randomly checking in for Sunday morning bakes from aunty Sandy. When did you change the spelling??!!

    1. Amanda! Yay Dante??- junior Master Baker??‍??
      I’ve never changed the spelling – it’s always been with an “I”.?

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