Camping Meals – Naivasha Burgers!

Shout out to Anto for the title! In desperate need of a break, we braved the chilly weather to go camping in Naivasha which turned out to be quite pleasant.



Mince meat/ground beef – one kilo or about two pounds
Salt and pepper


Mix the meat with salt and pepper and whichever spices you like (no need to overthink this).
Make 8 massive meatballs and then smoosh them (to be a little bigger than the bun because the meat shrinks as it cooks). Make an indent in the centre so that when it is cooked it is flat.

Heat your pan and drizzle some oil on it.
Let the burgers cook for about 5 minutes on each side.


When you think they are done, press it down to see the colour of the “juice.” If it is still pink/red, it needs to cook some more, unless you like your burger medium rare (in which case, it is done). When the juice runs clear, the meat is well done.

Actual events:
The meat was very lean and so did not hold together when cooking 😮  We added an egg and tore up a slice of bread into bits to make it come together, and reduced the size of the burgers and had double cheese burgers instead! Thank you Sooz 🙂


Choice of toppings:

  • cheese
  • caramelized onions


  • spicy guacamole (thank you Rita)


Lunch is served!


Happy and satisfied, some of us napped, read, drew, photographed (all none food photos are works of the husband) and basically just chilled.



Much later, some pie with a cup of tea.






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  1. A. Jeni says:

    Chilly??? Have you forgotten upstate NY. And Tony goes camping?? Truly a reforms man

  2. A. Jeni says:

    Chilly?? Have you forgotten upstate NY? And Tony went camping?. Impressive

    1. Upstate NY was FREEZING! It really is chilly in Nairobi. Yeah, Tony loves camping.

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