Camping Meals – Catskills New York

This is a throwback to last year – fall of 2018. The hubby and I were invited on a backpacking trip in the Catskills. It had been timed for late September hoping the trees would have began to change color, but they hadn’t yet. It was nonetheless, the ultimate pause-and-reset, the best brain reboot.

What was new for us, was that we were to hike in with everything on our backs: our food, cooking equipment, tent, everything. Our hosts— who had included three other newbies and us— were masters at this.

Spending that much time in a forest—and simply not on the well-worn hiking path—this African girl finally understood what she had only read in books. The forest floor felt like nothing I had ever walked on. The layers upon layers of moist decaying leaves felt cushiony like a spring mattress. Yet in the same way that a spring mattress isn’t entirely spongey but has the firm springs, bits from fallen branches or bark countered the cushion well. Or how I finally appreciated the expression, dappled light filtering through the tree canopy.

Some slept in hammocks layered with sleeping bags for warmth.

Carrying our food in didn’t mean that we were going to live off of a can of beans for the next two days. Our hosts packed semi-prepped meals that required minimal effort to execute. Sadly I forget our first supper (likely cause I didn’t take a picture of it—hiding face in shame). The following morning though, we had breakfast burritos. The fillings were beans and eggs and cheese. And a side of sausages and onions.

Campfire breakfast burritos
Wrapped burritos in foil.

Satisfied, we left camp and hiked and some swam (in freezing cold water) and took pictures and relaxed and had a blast of a day. Then we had pizza for supper! Our hosts had carried homemade pizza dough. The toppings were ricotta, mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce.

We stretched the dough by hand — true Italian style. Note for next time: stretch it thinner.
Ricotta and mozzarella.
Finished it off with pepperoni.
Wrap the calzone in foil and into the wood fire it goes.
And voila!
Delicious 🙂

Pancakes and coffee for breakfast the following day. The dry ingredients were already mixed in a bag. All we had to do was add in the wet.

Melting the butter.
No need for a bowl and whisk.
Just a pan and spatula.
And some coffee.

One last thought. from a very musically gifted friend of mine. Human songs fit into a recognizable musical scale of 5 to 12 notes. However, melodious sou#nds in nature like falling rain, or a running river are also pitch perfect, likely to the note of C. I totally agree. What are your thoughts?

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