Carbonara, tortillas and more …

This is a new series that shares some fun links from the web, as well as troubleshooting or diving deeper into a recipe or cooking technique.

The best flour tortillas recipe on YouTube.

Guaranteed delicious roast chicken. For the dry rub, whatever you have will work. I mix cayenne, cumin, and paprika.

Spaghetti carbonara has been having a moment on the net recently. Separating the wheat from the chaff, this spaghetti carbonara IMO is the best recipe. The changes I make to this recipe include frying 2 cloves of crushed garlic—likely to get disapproval from purists—towards the end of the bacon cooking (so that the garlic doesn’t burn). And in the Kenyan context, using bacon instead of guanciale and whatever good cheese for pecorino. This will be a favourite quick dinner meal.

A beautiful art-filled bathroom/laundry room makeover.

The easiest tomato sauce for pizza night.

Steal like an artist is not a heavy read, but just what you need to set the creative juices flowing.

Do you have a food database in your brain? The secret to culinary “creativity“.

A video explaining how coronavirus attacks the body.


Why slash/score the loaves of bread before baking?
It allows the bread to expand during baking so that it reaches its maximum volume.
It controls the direction the bread expands.
It prevents bread bursting the carefully closed seams.
It is pretty.

What to use?
A sharp razor blade. Wetting it helps if the dough is sticky.
A sharp knife. Put some oil on a serviette/napkin and rub it on the knife blade to coat it before cutting. It helps prevent drag when scoring the bread dough.

Don’t press down on the dough.
Swift and confident motion; you are the boss.
Practice, practice, practice.

What does oven spring mean?
The first ten or more minutes when the loaf goes in the hot oven, there’s a sudden burst of gas, the final rise.

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