Random: tiny homes, lentils, and more …

Here are a few fun links from the web. Have a lovely weekend.

There are the usual tips on how to make a small space feel bigger: leggy furniture, light coloured walls, hang curtains high, add mirrors etc. This Japanese video provided practical visual tips for choosing furniture for a tiny space that blew my mind.

Talking of tiny spaces, a most beautiful airy tiny home tour

Great video explaining cleaning and disinfecting

A hug in a vegetarian bowl. I have substituted this recipe with red and brown lentils and it was still delicious

In case you ever wondered, is sukuma wiki kale or not?

This wing recipe is unbelievably good. If you don’t have wings use drumsticks or thighs

Avoid wasting food by using up leftovers in a simple no-recipe soup or a stew

Food wastage takes on many forms: how to determine when to throw out expired food

Still on a frugal note: how to save money at supermarkets

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  1. DaleAnn Shellborn says:

    Fun links and awesome photos! Thank you!

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